Hi my name is AnnMaria Olech. I’m a photographer and visual artist, based in Wroclaw, Poland.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Wrocław as a specialist, second degree of Media Art in 2012.
My works are strongly related to surrealist convention, standing opposite to the logical order of reality.
They are often connected to my emotions, life experiences, dreams, and desires, working with aesthetic form and a play of saturated colors.


14 July 2012/ Photography exhibiton ` Roll the cube` Coffe Planet, Wrocław, Poland
05 May 2013/ Collective exhibitons ` Dune` Międzyzdroje, Poland
24 March 2015/ Audio-Visual Concert, Night Media lab, CeTa, Film Studio, Wrocław, Poland
15 July 2015/ Live AVJ set based on music video collaborations with Nerk/Kirn,Tech Open Air, Berlin, Germany
26,27 January 2016/ Visualisations for the show, Las z kurami, które przyszły tu na spacer` Polish Theatre, Wrocław, Poland