Hi, my name is AnnMaria Olech. I’m a photographer and visual artist, based in Wroclaw, Poland.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Wrocław as a specialist, second degree of Media Art in 2012.
My works are strongly related to surrealist convention, standing opposite to the logical order of reality.
Working with aesthetic form and a play of saturated colors.


14 July 2012/ Photography exhibiton ` Roll the cube` Coffe Planet, Wrocław, Poland
05 May 2013/ Collective exhibitons ` Dune` Międzyzdroje, Poland
24 March 2015/ Audio-Visual Concert, Night Media lab, CeTa, Film Studio, Wrocław, Poland
15 July 2015/ Live AVJ set based on music video collaborations with Nerk/Kirn,Tech Open Air, Berlin, Germany
26,27 January 2016/ Visualisations for the show, Las z kurami, które przyszły tu na spacer` Polish Theatre, Wrocław, Poland

                                                          05.09.2019/ Visual show, collaboration with Sara Derejczyk Violinist, Grand Opening, new showroom Wlodarczyk in Wroclaw, Poland