Anna Maria Olech is a photographer based in Poland. Having graduated from the Faculty of Graphics and Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in 2012, she discovered a passion for studio photography, frequently envisioned in a surrealist manner. Anna was born on October 13, 1988 in Wrocław, Poland. She hails from an artistic family: her parents, Barbara and Wojciech Olech, work in glass (you can find their work at while her brother Antek Olech is a Polish vocalist, who goes by the stage name Tony Yoru.

Her creativity stems from her imagination and an internal conflux of emotions. Apart from photography, Anna creates music videos and visuals, working with such acclaimed artists and musicians as Wac Toja, Odaibe, Tony Yoru, Ania Kłys, Natalia Lubrano, Peter Kirn and Joao de Souse, to name just a few. She has also worked on audio-visual concerts as well as designed scenography for a series of performances at the Polish Theatre in Wrocław.


14 July 2012/ Photography exhibition „Roll the cube” Coffee Planet, Wrocław, Poland
05 May 2013/ Collective exhibition „Dune” Międzyzdroje, Poland
24 March 2015/ Audio-Visual Concert, Night Media lab, CeTa, Film Studio, Wrocław, Poland
15 July 2015/ Live AVJ set based on music video collaborations with Nerk/Kirn,Tech Open Air, Berlin, Germany
26,27 January 2016/ Visualizations for the spectacle, „Las z kurami, które przyszły tu na spacer” Polish Theater, Wrocław, Poland

 05 September 2019/ Visual show, collab. with Sara Derejczyk Violinist, Grand Opening, New showroom Wlodarczyk in Wroclaw, Poland

15 October 21/ Photography exhibition „High-Res Women”, DCF kino; Movie theater in Wrocław, Poland